Matteo Maione

What’s my role

I am Hedonistas De la Fe Brand Ambassador in the UK.

My role is to talk and spread all the knowledge there is about Mezcal and Hedonistas de la Fe. I engage with bartenders, bar managers and owners through masterclasses, menu arrangement and training.

Get in touch with me if you think I can help with anything Agave related!

Alongside this you can find me managing my bar in Shoreditch. Come and say hi whenever you like!

My story

I have been working in hospitality for over 15 years. Between Italy and the UK, within hotels, restaurants & cocktail bars.

Moving to London completely changed my perspective on my career path and I fell in love even more with the spirits industry. I have dabbled in ambassadorial work in the past but am now excited to be have the opportunity to represent a brand that I love.

My favourite spirit is…

Obviously Mezcal and all its different expressions has the biggest part of my heart! However, I am also a big fan of Bourbon.

At the bar, you’ll find me with

When I visit a bar the first thing I usually order is their version of a Margarita, but my favourite cocktail is a Negroni, even better if done with Mezcal!

What tickles my curiosity?

I am passionate about people, their stories and their cultural differences, that is why I love London & working in this industry!