Luke McAllister

What’s my role

My role as Global Brand Ambassador is to travel the world and spread the word of Ahascragh Distillery hoping to introduce sustainable award-winning Irish spirits to everyone willing to try it.

My story

I’ve lived all over the world with my family so when my parents decided to go back to Ireland to pursue their dreams of having a sustainable whiskey and gin distillery, I knew I had to help out in any way I could.

I started off working in the café and bottling room when everything first kicked off in order to get a sense of how everything works. Eventually I felt confident enough with my social skills and spirit knowledge that I helped at a Whiskey event in the Oval in London. I had such a great time talking to various people from different background about spirits that I decided this would be something I’d love to do full time in which shortly after that I became a brand ambassador for Ahascragh Distillery.

My favourite spirit is…

My favourite spirit is whiskey, I love the fact that there are so many different expressions throughout the world so I could never get bored of having a nice dram of whiskey. On the other hand, I do also love gin and rum.

At the bar, you’ll find me with

My go to cocktail would have to be an old fashioned although I do enjoy the tiki cocktail, Zombie from time to time.

What tickles my curiosity?

I’ve always loved seeing the impact spirits can have in different cultures throughout the world as well as how it can impact individual people. I’ve had a passion for psychology since I was very young so being able to bring in psychology into the spirit business allows me to not only learn about the drink industry but also the people that we aim to give quality whiskey and gin to.