Giacomo Cicciarello

What’s my role

I’m bbb’s Prestige Account Manager. I’ve had a great time working in the world of prestige hotels, forming a wide network in the UK on trade. If you are one of the UK’s hottest destinations you’ll be hearing from me shortly! I am based in London but active all over the UK – I help our brands get introduced to our key prestige partners increasing their footprint within some of the most competitive areas of the industry.

My story

I have worked within hospitality for the past fifteen years; between my native country Italy and in the UK. Once moving to London I always worked in premium, Five Star venues where I nurtured a passion for delivering a memorable experience to the guests and making great cocktails. During this time I took a degree in marketing to help enable my plan to start a new path on my career into the wine and spirit industry and accomplish my dream to help brands develop which has been my passion for so long.

My favourite spirit is…

As a former bartender I have learnt to appreciate every single spirit no matter the style. If I had to pick one in particular I would probably say tequila. Ten years ago, during my trip to Mexico, I learned first hand the art of producing tequila and the hard work that goes into all aspects, from the agave plantation all the way to the final product.

In the past, tequila was quite undervalued as a spirit and was mainly consumed as a shot. Nowadays, I believe consumers have started to appreciate this fantastic liquid thanks also to the work of various brands alongside world class bartenders that have valued this incredible product.

At the bar, you’ll find me with

I particularly enjoy experiencing a cocktail after dinner, for a well earned nightcap. I think that you’ll find me sitting at the bar counter with one of the most iconic and timeless of all cocktails- the Old Fashioned crafted with Kentucky straight bourbon. For me a proper old fashioned embodies the “ABC Knowledge” of every bartender in the world, and it really is the quintessential drink after all.

What tickles my curiosity?

Having worked for many years as a bartender, I have always been attracted by the concept of adopting mixologist techniques to create new cocktails recipes. This is why I am always very interested in visiting bars but also restaurants both in London and when I travel to discover the concept and idea that represents the authenticity of the venue. My grandfather used to tell me: “ learn a trade for future use.”