Import + distribution

We’re a collective of curious spirits experts and lovers of the hospitality industry.

Why us?

The UK drinks market is one of the most complex and competitive in the world. What if you can leave managing the market to someone else and have more time to focus on key aspects of your job?

That’s exactly what we’ll give you. You can rely on us to grow your spirits distribution, whatever stage your brand is at. Here’s what you can expect from our drinks distribution:


We’re open and honest with our knowledge, how we work and industry expertise. Our brands are our partners. So we’ll develop a strategic vision for your brand together, respecting your ethos at all times. Your success is our success.


We’ll develop together a sales and marketing plan for how we will take your drinks brand to market. This is essential for the awareness and growth of your brand. We’re specialists in physical and digital brand launches, communication, marketing and activations. We work with S17 digital agency to manage our brands’ social media.


We take care of sales, logistics, importation and brand management from the start, whatever stage you’re at. We’ll handle duty payments, HMRC tax approved warehousing, ordering and final delivery to the end customer. See which brands we work with.

That’s how we’ve successfully distributed and listed our premium spirits to top bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers. And that’s how yours will grow too.

“bbb understand how to build brands. They engage with clients in an open and honest manner, so there’s full strategic brand alignment.”

Paul Scanlon ex MD Pernod Ricard / ex MD Stoli Vodka /

Owner, Scan Beverage Consultants

Work with us

When you join our portfolio, you can be confident that your spirit brand will receive the attention it deserves. That’s because we’re very selective with the spirits we distribute so there’s very little competition between them.

The brands we distribute are brands we feel genuinely connected to. They’re spirits we’re convinced will be successful in their category. That’s why our customers trust and respect our screening process. They know it’s a proof of quality when a product joins our collective.

How do we select spirits to distribute?

There are four questions we want answered before we agree to distribute your spirits:


We want to represent spirits that excite us and make us think. We’re a team of inquisitive spirits lovers, so we get the whole team involved when evaluating your spirits. Tasting your spirit is a debate, that’s the fun part!


We’ve tasted your spirits and they are exceptional. But that will only get you so far. What’s different and unique about it? Your brand story needs to be strong and engaging to create connections, with us, with our trade customers and with consumers. That’s how we can tell if your brand has market potential.


We’re a collective of inquisitive spirits. We love working with our brands because they’re like-minded people. So it’s important we meet to see if there’s a culture fit with us. Can we enjoy a beer together?


You’ve ticked all 3 previous boxes, but what about pricing? It’s one of the biggest challenges we come across when talking to brands. Your pricing needs to be future-proofed for the market. So we’ll carefully analyse it and be candid with you about your price point. We’ll also be 100% visible with any new pricing tree we propose to you if it’s needed.

Sometimes brands are nearly there, but some fundamental aspects need to improve. In that case, you can rely on our expertise and strategic advice to help brands get them right. So you can have the best chance for success.