VITA Vodka partners with bbb drinks

Leading the movement towards more ‘clean’ drinking

A quarter of UK drinkers consider calories when choosing their drinks. Frustrated by the lack of flavoursome alternatives to sugary alcoholic drink serves, Victor Ruiz founded Vita Vodka.

Vita is leading a trend. A recent Morning Advertiser article confirms that consumer mindsets have shifted towards more healthy alcohol options and premium pours, with Covid-19 only serving to increase this trend.

Vita is the world’s first premium Mediterranean vodka made specifically to be mixed with water…. Perfect for upgrading your vodka soda with only 50 calories and zero sugar. Now part of our portfolio we can’t wait to help lead the movement towards more ‘clean’ drinking with Vita vodka.

VITA Vodka partners with bbb

From June 2021 we will look after Vita vodka’s UK distribution. We look forward to working with VITA to develop its presence in the UK through new off-trade and retail listings as well as increasing volumes in the on-trade.

Vita Vodka chose us to be their UK partners due to “[bbb’s] understanding of the market and ethos working with brands” explains Victor Ruiz Lafita, founder of VITA Vodka.

Our Founder Phil Harding has no doubt we will replicate VITA Vodka’s success in Spain because “modern day consumers are seeking options for mindful drinking and are extremely conscious about their health and wellbeing”. 

Lifestyle brands are a growing feature in the UK drinks market which is why we are excited to bring VITA Vodka into our spirits portfolio.  At a time when we are all seeking a little bit of escapism, VITA brings a taste of the Mediterranean and a sense of fun to the UK drinks scene. We are already enjoying working with the experienced VITA vodka team and seeing some early success! With their energy and passion, we think it will be a great partnership.

Vita’s point of difference is their focus on a carefree mediterranean lifestyle alongside a recipe that means VITA needs only still or soda water to bring out its natural citrus flavours, creating a low-calorie, refreshing vodka drink.

Designed to be drank with soda, we hope to attract health and lifestyle-conscious drinkers – particularly millennials – keen to enjoy alcohol without the sugar, gluten, and additives prevalent in soft-drink mixers.

Please contact us if you would like more information or a sample of Vita for your bar or store.