Phil Harding

What’s my role

I’m bbb’s Managing Director & Founder. I’m in charge of uncovering the world’s hidden drinks treasures so you can discover them. Are you a drinks brand? We’ll spend a lot of time talking about your spirits together.

My story

I’ve lived and breathed hospitality since I was at university. Before bbb, I ran bars and restaurants. It was love at first sight between the hospitality industry and me (don’t say that to my wife). Then I created bbb in 2012 where we focused on growing craft beer brands. I’ve loved watching bbb progress and specialise in spirits over the years. We’ve worked with some amazing brands!

My favourite spirit is…

Whisky is my first love and the spirit I know most about. But give me a large gin and tonic on any hot summer’s day!

At the bar, you’ll find me with

A well-made negroni or very dry gin martini. I love cocktails with big flavours or ones that let the quality of the spirit shine through.

What tickles my curiosity?

Flavours and how different ways of cooking can have an impact on them. So you’ll find me experimenting with cooking most weekends. My obsession right now? Smoking or grilling all types of food on my kamado BBQ. I love the flavour the charcoal heat and wood smoke give to food.