As pubs and bars open their doors this month, hope that all is returning to normal in the hospitality industry is dominating the press.  Politics aside, people are desperate to get out and enjoy the thrill of discovering new tipples.  In May 2021 we’ve been incredibly lucky to receive some great write-ups for our brands in online media outlets so we thought we’d share a few of them…..


The Sun: Best non-alcoholic gins for 2021

Thanks to The Sun newspaper for picking out Sea Arch non alcoholic spirit as one of their top ‘clean gins’ for 2021.   The Sun said that ‘an increasing number of shoppers are now shunning the alcohol element in favour of something a little lighter’ and Sea Arch got a mention in their non-alcoholic gin round up.

What they said: “we think it [Sea Arch] makes a great summers drink or a classic mocktail. Ima-gin that!”





Shortlist Magazine: The best rum (2021): 26 rum brands put to the ultimate drinking test

The chaps at Shortlist are already big fans of Market Row.  Only 7 months after launching Shortlist included Market Row in their best rum 2021 article in May 2021.   With hundreds of rums out there from The Caribbean to Scotland it’s a massive achievement for them to feature Market Row Rum in their ‘selection that every rum lover should try’.

What they said: “Highly recommended.  This rum went down a little too well in our taste tests, so much that we have to order another bottle. There’s some brilliant vanilla notes and a heady hit of spice at the end. Lovely stuff.”


At the time of writing online voting was also placing Market Row in 1st position as The Best rum to try from the list! Please give us an up-vote people!




The Metro: You’ll soon be able to buy umami gin – a savoury spirit with a base of capers and parmesan


The Metro newspaper ran a story on the latest Audemus Spirits release; Umami Gin.  This unique and limited edition gin launched exclusively with Spirits Kiosk in May 2021.  This new and innovative twist on gin was; according to distiller Miko;  ‘designed to be a spirit which expresses gin and juniper in a different way to what has been done classically and what people are used to trying’.


What they said: “the end result has a lightly savoury and fresh quality, with an entirely different flavour to the gin we are all familiar with.”



Bar Magazine also featured the Umami Gin launch in their latest drinks news section, mentioning bbb as the exclusive distributors for this latest release from Audemus Spirits.   It’s now available for distribution in the UK, great news for savoury drink lovers!