What happens when you throw out the rulebook?


“We just do what we do with love, passion and respect”. That’s how Ian Spink describes the business he set up with Miko Abouaf in 2013.

Their story is a little different. After all, how many other distillers travelled France on an old post office bike, searching for a home for their distillery? To our knowledge, Miko is alone in this achievement!

For Miko, Audemus Spirits is the realisation of a lifelong love for creating spirits; and his passion is present in everything he produces. This passion started in Australia, where Miko experimented with fruit and spice macerations to create liqueurs from old family recipes. A 25-years old Miko (and his bike) eventually settled in Cognac. And over the following years he learnt the intricacies and artistry involved in the distillation of cognac.

Taking advantage of the massive wealth of knowledge and resources in Cognac, he invested in reduced pressure distillation equipment. He adapted this to best fit his needs and currently resides as the “Audemus Lab” in his own living room!

Nothing is rushed, nor do they succumb to economic or financial pressures at Audemus Spirits. Each botanical is macerated and distilled separately and at different temperatures to capture their true flavour. The base spirit undergoes a lengthy 8 weeks of dilution which allows a better integration of the water and spirit. Finally, each batch of Pink Pepper gin is stamped with the name of a family member or good friends who have had a special influence on their journey.

Pink Pepper Gin and the other creations that flow from the Audemus Spirits micro-distillery are crafted by two people who dare to do things differently.

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@audemus_spirits Pink Pepper gin is a versatile gem.⁠
Serve it over ice and you'll notice beautiful floral taste.. But as the gin warms up, notes of vanilla come to the forefront. ⁠
That's what @tonypescatori achieves here with Quench 75: ⁠
50ml White Chocolate chip saturated Audemus Pink Pepper Gin⁠
10ml Acacia Honey water (1:1)⁠
Brut Champagne to top⁠
Pan roast 100g of crumbled cookie until golden-brown. ⁠
Mash into the gin while still warm to extract the roasted notes via thermal sock. ⁠
Let it sit for 2 days and filter with cotton fibre.⁠
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We're happy to announce that we've partnered with Audemus spirits to release their latest addition to their range; Umami Gin!

Umami Gin is a product in its own universe.
Named after the fifth taste; savouriness, or how
@audemus_spirits describe it – saltiness without the salt. 

Use the link in bio to request a sample. 

@audemus_lab @pinkpepper.bob @pinkpepper.pip 

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