Tidal Rum


Tidal coastal rum is a beautifully complex and refined blend of Caribbean rums, balanced with deep truffle flavours from oak-smoked pepper dulse seaweed, also known as the ‘Truffle of the sea’.

Crafted from a blend of rums distilled in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, each aged in ex-bourbon white oak casks for between two and three years. In Jersey, the blend is enhanced with an infusion of oak-smoked pepper dulse seaweed adding a deep, earthy truffle taste, balancing the tropical and dried fruit flavours of the rums.

Tidal is a lighter, more refined rum.  A rum for the first drink of the night…. with soda and a slice of lime to make the spirit sing.

Best serves

Tidal Refresher

Tidal Spritz

Tidal Mojito

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