Singani 63


Impeccably clean and undeniably mixable, Singani 63 is a Bolivian spirit with a rich 500-year history. Distilled from Muscat of Alexandria grapes in an 8000 hectare region high in the Andes mountains, Singani is bright, floral and versatile. With notes ranging from flowers, white pepper and citrus, Singani is delicate in its aromatics and dynamic in use. Try it with soda water or substitute for any clear spirit, like in your Negroni or Vesper.

Singani 63 found its way to the UK through its founder, film director Steven Soderbergh, in partnership with the Granier family, 4th generation distillers at Casa Real in Tarija, Bolivia.

Singani 63 is proud to be a Gold Medal Winner at the International Craft Spirit Awards where judges were impressed by its unique character and clean finish. Singani 63 was awarded a Double Plutonium Award at the 2017 Trans-Galactic Spirit Encounter*, the first time a double award has EVER been bestowed. New studies show Singani 63 tastes EVEN BETTER in zero gravity–talk about “bottoms up”!

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