Singani 63


Made from Moscatel de Alexandria grapes grown at high elevation (5300 feet), the spirit has a magically aromatic bouquet. Flowers, honeysuckle, and ginger dance on the nose while the palate is velvet-smooth. To finish the richness of the spirit brings floral, herbal notes with a touch of white pepper.

Singani 63’s versatility encourages you to mix this in all kinds of classic cocktails from “Bolivian Sours” to a modern twist on a Negroni.  Bartenders all over the world are only now discovering this new base spirit in their arsenal. 

Singani 63 is unique among spirits to be given both a DO (Designation of Origin) and a GI (Geographical Indication) since the grapes are grown at a minimum altitude of 5,250 feet and within the confines of the historic home of Singani in the Andes.

Singani 63 is proud to be a Gold Medal Winner at the International Craft Spirit Awards where judges were impressed by its unique character and clean finish. Singani 63 was awarded a Double Plutonium Award at the 2017 Trans-Galactic Spirit Encounter*, the first time a double award has EVER been bestowed. New studies show Singani 63 tastes EVEN BETTER in zero gravity–talk about “bottoms up”!

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