Copalli Barrel Rested Rum


Copalli is pure organic single estate rum made from just three ingredients sourced from the estate farm: home grown, organic non-GMO, heirloom sugar cane juice, pure canopy water from the jungles surrounding the distillery and local organic yeast.

Double distillation of sugarcane juice, use of exclusively full-bodied pot still distillation, and ageing in American Oak used bourbon barrels creates a rich sweet rum that tastes delicious neat and is a powerful and flavourful base for your favourite rum cocktail.

A rich, powerful and flavourful spirit which represents a true taste of the farm terroir in Belize.

San Fransisco Spirits Competition 2019: Dark/Gold Rum SILVER

Best serves

Baked Apple Chai Daiquiri

Copalli Honey Old Fashioned

Spicy Mayan Daiquiri

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