bbb have the tools to start a rum revolution

“bbb have the tools to start a rum revolution”.  That’s why Tidal Rum founder Harry Coultard has brought on bbb drinks to manage their UK distribution.

Together with bbb drinks Tidal Rum, founded by childhood friends Harry Coultard and Ben Clyde Smith are looking to place the brand at the front of a disruptive elevation of the rum category in the UK market.  We share the same mission with Harry and Ben to celebrate and elevate rum.

Despite Covid-19 Harry and Ben have delivered growth in 2020 since they launched in 2019.  Phil Harding, founder of bbb, expects Tidal Rum to continue its trajectory in the UK: “We’re very happy to be partnering with Tidal Rum. They’ve got off to a great start so far and we want to help them to the next level. Rum is an exciting category and Tidal is introducing more people to rum with their innovative take. We’re really excited to get out there and introduce people to this contemportary rum.

Rum is a large and growing category in the UK and the premium end of the market is buoyant. There is evidence consumers are upgrading to more expensive rums in the UK as IWSR state: ‘Here, premium-and-above rum segments have seen volumes soar by more than 140% in just five years and these higher end rums now make up just short of 10% of the market. The change in perception of rum from a spirit that is drunk mixed, to one that can be sipped, continues in the UK. This is contributing to its growth, while the evolution of a cocktail culture is also playing a part.’

Later this year Tidal are looking to raise £150,000 on Seedrs and Harry believes ‘the partnership with bbb drinks as crucial to giving potential investors the confidence that we have the team and capacity to kick onto the next level.

Find out more about Tidal Rum here, or please contact bbb if you would like a sample.  

If you are interested in the Tidal Seedrs raise, follow the link here: https://www.seedrs.com/the-tidal-rum/coming-soon