What is a small batch gin?

In the UK, gin distilleries say it’s the size of the still that matters when defining a small batch spirit. In these small facilities, the master distiller supervises and runs the whole production process.

Small batch gin is a trend that started in the UK in 2009. That’s when new licensing laws came to replace the famous Gin Act. The Gin Act 1751 (it was that old!) outlawed small size distilleries in the London area. It made it impossible for crafty individuals to become small producers and distill and sell their own gin.

The number of distilling licenses in the UK has been booming since 2009 as a direct result of the repelling of the Gin Act. The licenses mostly go to small, passionate producers who start to produce gin in small size operations. Because it’s their passion.

These distilleries have small operations. Their stills only have a capacity of up to 250 litres. That’s why they produce less than a 1,000 bottles per match. And that’s what makes their gin small batch.

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