Gunpowder Gin


The Orientalist Gunpowder Gin is a contemporary gin that is produced using a blend of traditional and low temperature vacuum distillation methods and techniques.

The Orientalist Gunpowder Gin contains hints of tea, black pepper and citrus; giving it a crisp, clean, sophisticated and well balanced taste.

In total, 23 different botanicals are used in the making of this gin all sourced directly from around Asia and distilled at The Orientalist Spirits distillery in Taiwan. Asian botanicals such as Gunpowder tea, Kampot peppercorn, Siberian ginseng, Korean Omija berries, dried tangerine peel, Osmanthus flower, angelica, coriander, orris root and Macedonian juniper berries are used – just to name a few.

Best serves

Vesper Martini

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