Coastal Stone Nor’easter Single Malt Whisky


Nor’easter is the signature release from Coastal Stone. A luxurious, contemporary single malt whisky for Australian whisky aficionados and newcomers alike to enjoy. 

A welcoming, smooth & aromatic whisky with maritime influences from the Sydney coast. Premium quality packaging has been maintained with a bespoke glass bottle and real sandstone stopper, inspired by the eroded cliff-face that surrounds the distillery. 

Matured in ex-wine barrels from the Basossa, Nor’easter is a fusion of wine and spirits. Celebrating what Australia has done well for many years in winemaking to create a single malt whisky that builds the definition of Australian-made whisky.

Named after the prevailing summer breeze along the coast of Sydney, that creates a temperate climate for optimal maturation of whisky casks, we’re certain you’ll be blown away by what Nor’easter has to offer…

Tasting notes: Rich dark fruits, chocolate, and five spice with a long, elegant finish

Best serves

Nor'easter Manhattan

Nor'easter Old Fashioned

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