How pure can vodka get?


How many of the ingredients that go in your drink do you know? That’s what Adam, WM Spirits’ founder, wanted to find out. The list was long on the back of the drink he’d chosen…and he understood none of them.

Adam wanted to know what he was putting into his body. That’s why Pure exists. And that’s why they only use organic ingredients in their drinks.

Pure is about celebrating ingredients like nature intended them because it’s better for the environment: growing free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. And it lets them showcase their true flavours as it’s also free of agents and additives like glycerol. Many large producers use those to enhance their spirits. Then it removes any remaining impurities (including gluten) through distillation to achieve a light, floral, clean spirit and with a smooth drinking experience.

Bonus point? The ingredients come from family farmers only to support small business.

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