Hedonistas mezcal is made in small batches according to a 500 year old tradition.  From harvest to distillation the process is non mechanised.  The Agave is harvested by hand, toasted in stone lined earthen mounds, mashed in a traditional stone mill, and fermented in open vats.  

What’s unique about Hedonistas de la Fe Mezcal?

In every step, quality and tradition guide them.  Their Maestro Mezcalero, Gerardo “Kain” Santiago Hernandez, brings three generations of experience and love into the making of Hedonistas mezcals

Fermentation is everything for Kaín. Using all five of his senses, Kaín tests the humidity, barometric pressure, air temperature, smell from the fermenting vats, and the look and sound as each vat metamorphoses.  

The fermented agave — with fibers, juice, and all — now go into the copper still, the alembic, to begin a double distillation. The first distillate, or común, yields a liquid of around 50 proof. This then undergoes a transformation during the second distillation that becomes like liquid fire of around 150 proof, but which surprisingly retains noticeable and familiar flavors of the end product. The proof is then lowered by blending with the palenque’s pristine well water and mezcal is born.

Steeped in tradition, Kain works his magic to bring the best Mezcal in each batch, and every bottle.


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