The McAllister family. Owners of the Ahascragh Distillery in the western part of Ireland. Bound by honour and tradition. 

How far do these family traditions go back? 

Legend tells the tale of three brothers, the “Three Collas”, who lived in 4th century Ireland. With their army of warriors, they seized the throne by sleighing the reigning Ard Rí; The High King of Ireland. 

After a four year rule, the Three Collas and their clan were driven from the throne and banished back to their motherland. As punishment for sleighing the previous King, the family were forbidden from a future claim to the throne. 

The McAllister family are descendants of the Three Collas. Amongst the noblest families of Ireland and Scotland. Also known as the Clan Colla. 

During the 1800’s, the McAllister’s crafted “Clan Colla Irish Whiskey” which was known far and wide for its exceptional quality.

So what happened to the family business? Economic turmoil and war ripped apart Irish Whiskey production, taking Clan Colla with it. 

More than 200 years have passed, but the Clan are back and ready to reclaim their throne in the world of Irish whiskey.

Today, they are making whiskey history. Lead by husband and wife duo, Gareth and Michelle McAllister, the Clan is breathing new life into an 1800’s flour mill. Transforming it into a carbon neutral distillery. The Ahascragh Distillery.

For curious connoisseurs who want a taste of what’s to come, the McAllister’s have produced a range of hand-selected releases. The “ Family Bond Series”. Though the range is distilled by a third party whiskey maker, they are finished and bottled by the McAllisters in the west of Ireland. 

The “Family Bond Series” is a demonstration of the McAllister’s expertise in Irish whiskey and a reminder that the best is yet to come…

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