Can you taste the Mediterranean sunshine?


 “If light were a flavour and illumination a scent, what would it taste like?” 

These exact words were the creative brief behind No 44 Gin. Comte de Grasse, the distillery behind No 44 Gin, takes direct inspiration from its home in the worldwide capital of perfumery. Their team brings together scientists and flavourists from the perfume industry to strike the right blend of science, creativity and technology. The result is the emotion of the Cote D’Azur in a bottle. 

 What’s unique about No 44? 

Everything about No 44 is unique, and deliberately so. Comte de Grasse combines science and art to reinvent the concept of making luxury spirits.  

The team is unlike any other in the industry. They embrace age-old perfume distilling techniques and apply them alongside cutting edge, scientific technologies in the production process. Ultrasonic maceration, vacuum distillation and CO2 critical extraction are some of the techniques they use to get the best out of each botanical. 

The distillery strives to capture the terroir of the area in No 44 gin. They achieve that by sourcing herbs and flowers grown locally and macerating them in fresh water direct from a local water source. 

Even the design of bottle itself is carefully considered to capture the blue of the Mediterranean Sea to embody The French Riviera itself. 

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