Niccolo Pradella

What’s my role

I’m bbb’s prestige account manager in London. I focus on the premium on-trade to list our brands. If you’re a buyer or a bar manager, you’ll be speaking to me. Looking to develop new, innovative cocktails with our brands? I’m here to help.

My story

I’m premium on-trade through and through. I was the bar manager at Graphic Bar, a modern London gin venue, from 2015 to 2018. That’s where I took my love for flavours and cocktails to the next level: I won several different national cocktail competitions. I moved onto the other side of the bar following my passions for cocktails and marketing in 2018 and joined bbb in 2020.

My favourite spirit is…

Gin is my first love, mezcal my dirty pleasure, cognac my luxurious escape and grappa tastes like home.

At the bar, you’ll find me with

An extra dry martini to kickstart my evening and a Bamboo to finish it with a nice mix of sherry and vermouth.

What tickles my curiosity?

Biohacking. Who knew that you could improve your brain and body with DIY biology! For example, you can sleep better by using a simple pair of blue light blocking glasses. Or you can get smarter by fasting for 24hrs? Or you can become a happier person with an ice bath? Mind, blown! There are so many tricks to unlock our full potential that we’re discovering with science today. Incredible!