Laurence Chandler

What’s my role

I’m the founder of Solution17 digital marketing agency, bbb’s go-to digital marketing partners.

My story

Having lead marketing for several start ups and multinational corporations, I founded S17 in January 2019.

I am passionate about marketing and developing the next generation of marketing professionals. This is why I work as lecturer at educational organisations such as The University of Brighton as well as being an ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Sharing my marketing expertise really appeals to my chatterbox nature!

I’ve been working side by side with bbb for 2 years. We have driven the market awareness and sales for alcohol brands like Manly Spirits, making the brand one of the most recognised gins brands in the UK.

During the Coronavirus Crisis in 2020 we developed the immersive virtual tasting platform together which has provided digitised events to over 3000 spirits lovers.

My favourite spirit is…

I’m really enjoying discovering new types of spirits like Market Row Botanical Rum. Hearing from the distillers themselves about their inspiration and how they are made gets me excited about their spirits.

At the bar, you’ll find me with

I enjoy discovering new and experimental locally brewed beers. I will always try something new and open myself up to the tastes of local craftsmen. My favourite local brewer to me is Unbarred Brewery and their Honeycomb Milkshake is delicious!

What tickles my curiosity?

The sheer athleticism and stamina of cyclists. How a man can have enough power and endurance consistently across 2,156 miles over 23 days at an average speed of 26mph… when I complete the London to Brighton I need 6 months to recover! These are the worlds greatest athletes. I think I enjoy my locally brewed ale a little too much!